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Test every corner of your app using AI

Checksum automatically generates and maintains end-to-end tests based on user sessions so you can move fast without breaking things.

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Save months in development time and help your team focus with auto-generated tests


Our ML models specifically trained on your production sessions to provide full coverage

No maintenance required

Our AI adapt the tests to code changes and flakiness.

Spend less time writing tests and more time shipping

Integration within minutes

Automatic and privacy centric data collection makes integration a breeze

Stop firefighting

Ship with confidence knowing that your code is thoroughly tested

Run tests with open source frameworks

Our model outputs tests using Cypress or Playwright so you are in total control
Generate Playwright tests with AI
Generate Cypress tests with AI

Find bugs and issues instantly

A bug detected while coding can take you 10 minutes to solve. Same bug found in production can waste 2 days

"Having a testing suite that provides instant feedback and test every flow of my app just makes my team faster. Less firefighting, faster code reviews, and frequent deployments"

- CTO, Ketch

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We train an AI model on real user sessions from your production environment. Our models learn how your users use your app, how they interact with elements, and the typical as well as the edge cases flows they take

Then we connect the model to a browser, gives it a username and password and let it generate tests. Since our model is trained specifically on your software, it executes every edge case and produces automated tests

Our model can extrapolate from production sessions and learn even how to test new features. By learning your UI conventions and how they manifest in real sessions, we can then generate tests for new features on the spot no new sessions.
Checksum.ai is using ML to generate end-to-end tests using Cypress or Playwright code
The integration with Checksum.ai is quick and simple. To get started you need two things:
  • Integrate our javascript SDK, which is simply pasting 3 lines of code when your app is mounted.
  • Provide us with a seed test user on your production or staging environment, so we can generate the tests on that user

To train the model, we are recording your user sessions in a similar way to solutions like Fullstory or Hotjar. To protect your users' privacy, we hash all inner texts, so we don't store sensitive information. We also provide full privacy controls so you can mask any events from sensitive elements

Our impact on performance is non-existent as we use battle-tested open source tools used by Fortune 500 companies

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