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Test every corner of your app using AI

Checksum automatically generates and maintains end-to-end tests based on user sessions – so you can move fast without breaking things.

Our users ship fast, bug-free code at


Fully Automated and Autonomous E2E Testing Pipeline

Let us worry about testing, so you can focus on shipping.


Save months in development time with auto-generated tests


Our models are trained to discover happy path and edge cases – for maximum test coverage

Self-maintaining and auto-healing

When a test fails, our AI Agent automatically fixes the test as needed

Playwright and Cypress Generated

Get Playwright or Cypress tests so you are in full control

Autonomous Testing Suite

When you introduce new features or change existing flows, our AI agent automatically adjusts your tests and generates new ones

No Flakiness

Our AI Agent is triggered on test runs to make sure there is zero flakiness

Generate E2E tests with a single click using natural language
1-Click Test Generation

Generate E2E tests with a single click using test flows defined with natural language

To generate tests, simply choose an auto-detected flow – or write your own test flow using natural language

  • Single-click test generation
  • Tests written in Playwright or Cypress
  • Integrated via PRs directly to Github
Automatically detect test flows using AI
Full Coverage

Auto-detect test flows based on real usage

Our model is trained on real usage data and can reach full coverage within days.

  • Happy paths and edge cases
  • Full coverage within days
  • Generate tests based on Help Center articles
Auto-heal E2E tests with AI
No Maintenance Required

Self-healing Autonomous Testing Suite

Checksum automatically heals and adds new tests as you ship new features. So your testing suite is always up to date and never flaky. When a Checksum test fails, you know it's a bug

  • Tests are added as new features are shipped
  • Self-healing tests
  • No flakiness using AI
Simple integration to generate E2E tests based on user flows
5 Minute Integration

Integrate Checksum with 2 lines of Javascript

Get started within minutes. Our data collection is fully anonymized. You can integrate to staging only as we only need a handful of sessions

  • Fully anonymized data collection
  • No impact on performance
  • Requires only a handful of sessions


Checksum works with tools you already know and love.



Generate and maintain Playwright tests using Checksum


Generate and maintain Cypress tests using Checksum


Receive Tests in a PR directly to your Github repository and run them with Github Actions


Receive Tests in a PR directly to your Gitlab repository and run them with Gitlab CI



Easy integration to run your tests within Jenkins



Easy integration to run your tests within CircleCI


Frequenty asked questions

How are you generating the tests and what is your coverage?

We train an AI model on real user sessions from your production environment. Our models learn how your users use your app, how they interact with elements, and the typical as well as the edge cases flows they take. Then we connect the model to a browser, gives it a username and password and let it generate tests. Since our model is trained specifically on your software, it executes every edge case and produces automated tests.

How can you test new features if your model is trained on user sessions?

Our model can extrapolate from production sessions and learn even how to test new features. By learning your UI conventions and how they manifest in real sessions, we can then generate tests for new features on the spot no new sessions.

What kind of tests are you generating? is using ML to generate end-to-end tests using Cypress or Playwright code.

What data are you collecting? Do you have any impact on my production performance?

To train the model, we are recording your user sessions in a similar way to solutions like Fullstory or Hotjar. To protect your users' privacy, we can work on staging only or completely anonymize data collection. Our impact on performance is non-existent as we use battle-tested open source tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

Is the SDK Integration required?

Not necessarily. We can also teach the model using help articles. To evaluate feasibility schedule a demo with us.

I have more questions

Simply use the Chat Bubble on the bottom right of the screen to ask us anything. We are here to help!